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Disaster Prevention 101: Top Wedding Disasters and How to Prevent Them from Happening to you.

Disaster Prevention 101: Top Wedding Disasters and How to Prevent Them From Happening to YouHere at Wedding Rescue we are wedding disaster experts! We have seen many things happen...

Posted by on 02/23/2017

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3 Ways You Can Prevent Wedding Date Fails

When choosing a wedding date, it’s vital that you do some research before you make your decision. However, we get it, it’s often hard to forecast potential issues that...

Ethan Calvin with Visionary Weddings

Ethan is an immeasurably talented wedding videographer. His company, Visionary Weddings has provided his clients with extraordinary memories, tastefully capturing the joy, beauty...

California Bride Gets Her Wedding Ruined

Cayla thought her wedding day was going to be perfect; however, she later found out it wasn't going to be even close to perfect. Cayla's review on yelp was written 9 days...

Makeup Artist in Car Accident

Did you ever think being in a car accident would happen to you on the day of a wedding?I don't think anyone would ever think something like this would happen to them. Its something...

Posted by on 07/25/2016

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How to Choose Your Vendors

Choosing wedding vendors can be stressful. Here are a few tips to remember/questions to ask when choosing vendors: 1. Set budgets for each vendor before you begin "vendor shopping." Having...

Posted by on 06/27/2016

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True Cancellation Story

Many disaster stories involving cancelled wedding venues stem from events that are out of your hands, so its crucial to be prepared in the event that this may happen to you. Some venues...

Posted by on 06/27/2016

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B.C. Venue Cancellation

We think it might not happen to us but sometimes bad things happen to good vendors and good couples. This venue did not intentionally cancel but unforeseen circumstances forced them...

Posted by on 06/06/2016

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Fort Mac Wedding Disaster

I myself have family in Fort McMurray and many people I know have been affected by the Fort McMurray fires but even down in Edmonton we are seeing repercussions. Ive been seeing so...

Posted by on 06/06/2016

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