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Wedding Rescue Tests Pinterest Projects DIY Wedding Hangers

If you’re an Instagramer or an avid Pinterest Pinner then you’ll have most likely seen some adorable and stylish wedding hangers! They are way too cute and in my opinion...

Posted by on 06/15/2017

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Wedding Rescue Tests Pinterest Projects DIY - Mini Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are cute no matter what the occasion! Nowadays people paint whole walls even tables with chalk paint! So when we saw this idea for mini chalkboard signs we knew we...

Wedding Rescue Tests Pinterest Projects - DIY Doily Lanterns

Well, we are at it again! This week Wedding Rescue decided to test out a DIY lantern option. We are sure you have seen these all over the interwebs as they are so cute for any event!...

Posted by on 06/11/2017

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60 Top Wedding Disasters

Wedding Rescue specializes in disaster relief, therefore we want you to be aware and prepared. Although we save weddings every day we want to prevent any of these stressful dilemmas...

Posted by on 06/08/2017

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Ask An Expert - How To Manage Stress For The Soon To Be Bride

Wedding Rescue sits down with Joyce Schafers, a relationship counseling expert, to answer your questions and give advice on how to go into your marriage with the best foot forward....

Posted by on 05/27/2017

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Wedding Rescue Tests Pinterest Projects DIY Edible Air Plant Favours

A trend over the past year, which still has not died (thankfully because we are obsessed <3) are succulents! Now when I say we were obsessed, I was not joking! I personally have...

Wedding Rescue Tests Pinterest Projects DIY Edible Cupcake Centrepiece

Did someone say cupcakes? Flowers are gorgeous and you definitely need some in your wedding, however, who doesn’t love cupcakes! This would be the perfect addition to a dessert...

Posted by on 05/21/2017

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Photographer Goes Missing - Warning Signs To Prevent It From Happening To You

It is important to communicate with all of your vendors on a regular basis. Especially when that big date inches closer. Make sure to contact all of your vendors to confirm the details...

Wedding Rescue Saves An Entire Wedding In One Day!

The best way to plan a wedding is to have a professional do it for you! Just think about all the time and energy saved that will allow you to relax and enjoy the process. Why stress...

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